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Multimodal and Intermodal Shipping: Differences and Advantages
Multimodal and intermodal shipping are the two terms that are used extensively in the logistics industry. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a new kid on the block, you need to understand each term and their differences if your business requires any type of import or export. So, let’s
5 Tips To Avoid Freight Damage
Freight transportation is a tricky business. It requires a huge amount of effort from a freight forwarder in bringing coordination among shippers and several transportation services involving road, rail, ocean, and air. Transporting each consignment without any delay and damages is the first priority of a freight forwarder; a lack of
Freight Forwarder & NVOCC: Who They Are & How Are They Different From Each Other?
The modern world might have pretty much surrendered to the convenience of digitization in every sector of life. However, when it comes to overseas transportation of goods, a lot of human involvement is still required in the entire shipping lifecycle. Fortunately, there are Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (OTIs) like Freight Forwarders
A Guide To Exporting Used Apparels From The Us
Used apparel trading is a big business worldwide that accounts for over $4 billion annually. The US is a prominent exporter of second-hand clothing and footwear; thanks to its fast-paced fashion market. As per the US census bureau, the country had exported $705 million dollars worth of used clothing in
An Overview Of Import/Export From The USA To The Philippines
World’s 34th largest economy, the Philippines has seen a major boost in overseas trade in recent years. The Southeast Asian country has slowly but steadily moved from an agriculture-based economy towards a manufacturing and service – dependent nation, exporting electronic items, garments, various industrial equipment, etc. Countries like the US,
All That You Need To Know About Shipping From The U.S To Australia
Australia is one of the most lucrative markets for exporters in the world. A significant portion of the country’s imports come from the United States, which makes it the third largest trading partner of the Oceanian country. After the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement (AUFTA) came into effect in 2005, the
How to start exporting to the USA from India
India and the USA – the two largest democracies of the world are the two biggest economies too. As of 2019, the two countries occupy the second and third positions on the list of 25 largest economies by GDP (PPP). India and the USA as bilateral trade partners For decades,
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