All that you need to know about shipping from the U.S to Australia

All That You Need To Know About Shipping From The U.S To Australia

Australia is one of the most lucrative markets for exporters in the world. A significant portion of the country’s imports come from the United States, which makes it the third largest trading partner of the Oceanian country.

After the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement (AUFTA) came into effect in 2005, the two countries have been witnessing a gradual increase in their trade relations. In 2012, US exports to Australia amounted for $32 billion; an all-time high. More recently, in 2017 the figure was at an impressive $24.6 billion.

The US majorly exports vehicles of all sorts, aircraft and vehicle parts, medical and optical equipment, farming equipment, mining machinery, petroleum, computers and electronics, consumer goods and food items like dairy, fruits, pork, ready to eats and pet food to Australia. The heavy machinery, the country imports, is majorly for its robust mining and mineral extraction industry which, in turn, produces its major exports.

The U.S exporters use both air and water to ship the goods to Australia. However, ocean freight is the more popular choice because of its carrying capacity and cost-effectiveness.

Ocean Freight from the U.S. to Australia

The US exports to Australia mainly happens through the country’s West Coast ports like Long Beach or Los Angeles as it saves both time and cost. At Faster Freight, we offer both full container loads (FCL) or less than container load (LCL) to Australia from the US. We provide door pick-up of your goods via FCL and LCL trucks and then ship them intermodal to the Australian ports. The major ports in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle which mostly receive the giant ocean vessels. We also transport specialized cargo to other minor ports using Breakbulk or RORO ships.

Air Freight from the U.S. to Australia

Faster Freight also offers door pickup for air freights and exports the cargo from all major airports in the US to Australian destinations like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, etc.

Wood Packaging Requirements for Exporting to Australia

Australia has strict guidelines on solid wood packaging material and imposes additional charges on US exporters and Australian importers if these packing and documentation requirements are not met. The country’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources follows the ISPM 15 – an International Phytosanitary Measure, developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) that advocates in favor of the treatment of wood materials, before using in international trade to prevent the global spread of timber pests. These regulations apply to all wood packaging materials like pallets, crates, drums, cases, load boards, etc., manufactured from both soft and hardwood. The wood is subjected to heat treatment using conventional steam or dry kiln heat chamber or dielectric heat, as well as methyl bromide fumigation.

Shipping Price and Time from the USA to Australia

The shipping prices between these two countries are quite affordable and depend on the weight, dimension and delivery method of the package. One can send small packages for a few dozen bucks; the slower the delivery method, the lower is the price.

Faster Freight has ties with renowned carriers like DHL, FedEx, etc. to send cargo to Australia, which takes anywhere between three and 10 days depending on the mode of delivery.

Duty & TAX

Australia imposes duty and tax on packages whose value is greater than de minimis value. Both de minimis duty and tax amount to AUD 1000 each.
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