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Experience a hassle-free customs clearance

We understand that one of the most time-consuming activities in freight transportation is customs clearance. Your papers should be ready before your freight is. This is why FasterFreight acts like a customs broker and freight forwarder to provide you with the best freight forwarding experience. We make custom clearance processing effortless for sea, air, or rail freight to and from the USA.

As your customs clearance broker we


Take care of import, export, and securities filings


Adhere to code of conduct and industry compliance


Necessary permits and licensing

Why Choose Fasterfreight As Your Next Customs Brokerage Company?

With our exceptional customs clearance services, we ensure smooth and timely cross-border shipments without any interruptions and penalities.

International Customs Broker

With our offices present in major countries globally, we operate as an international shipping broker rendering our best services for smooth freight forwarding.

Transparent Customs Clearance Costs

Our customs clearance charge is competitive and gives you complete control over your shipment’s timeline and delivery.

Customs Clearance Experts

Thanks to our highly skilled team, we deliver you quality and consistent services resulting in on-time custom clearance and satisfaction.

Customs Consulting

We provide customs consultations keeping your shipping needs in mind; we perform a detailed risk assessment to save your customs clearance costs.

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Scroll down to read our experts’ answers to FAQs


How much does the customs broker cost?

Usually, the customs clearance charge is around $150 with CPB. However, your customs clearance broker may charge you more or less, depending on the company and location.

How much time does it take to clear the customs?

If you have all your documents in place and there are no unattended queries, the customs clearance would take at least 24 hours.

What documents are required for custom clearance processing?

  • When importing goods in the United States, you would need a customs packing list, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, bill of lading, letter of credit, and entry summary (CPB form 7501)
  • When exporting goods from the USA, you would need a customs packing list, customs invoice, shipping bill, export license, a health certificate (in case of food essentials), bill of exchange, and letter of credit.

How do I pay my customs clearance fees?

Your customs broker is responsible for the smooth cross-border transportation of your goods, and you are required to pay your customs fees directly to your customs clearance company.

Do I need any license to import goods?

There are no mandates on importers to obtain any license as directed by CPB. However, you may be required to arrange necessary permits depending on the type of imported goods.

What happens when customs compliance is not met?

CPB may charge a hefty penalty fee, or you can lose your entire shipment at the worst.

How do I know the status of my shipment in the customs clearance process?

Your customs broker freight forwarder would give you frequent updates of your shipment in the clearance process.

Do I really need a customs broker and freight forwarder?

It is always better to let a professional customs clearance broker handle your consignment to avoid any penalties and delays.

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