Shipping From USA to Dubai With Minimal Spending

Shipping From USA to Dubai With Minimal Spending

There is enormous freight transportation taking place between the USA and Dubai everyday. The number keeps increasing in terms of international cargo shipping between these two international locations. Many companies are providing freight forwarding services to pace up with the increasing demand. FasterFreight, a professional cargo shipping company, helps you find the easiest and fastest route for shipping from USA to Dubai/UAE.

Know the import process of freight shipping from US to Dubai

  • The below documents are required irrespective of income settlement and payment method signed between the importer and exporter while shipping from USA to Dubai:
    1. Original bill of Lading copies
    2. Commercial invoice
    3. Packing list
    4. Certificate of origin
  • The commercial invoice then passes to the importer from the exporter detailing the complete quantity of the item’s description and the total cost for each item.
  • The original certificates are permitted by means of the chamber of commerce at the country of origin detailing the origin of goods.
  • The shipper is required to refer to HS Code (Harmonized System of Nomenclature- A code with a standardized system that classifies goods worldwide systematically) for a detailed packing list as per weight.
  • The importer must then approach the shipping agent to submit the original bill received based on the date of arrival. The importer must prepare for necessary permits for restricted goods or duty-exempt cargo from the Permit Issuing Authority.
  • Further verification and evaluation of the information provided for the payment of customs duties and import approval are carried out by Dubai customs.
  • Dubai customs authorities issue a Custom Import Declaration once import and customs duties have been paid.
  • After the container is discharged, the importer can nominate a transport organization to transport the cargo/container on the importer’s behalf.
  • If further inspection is required as per the Customs Import Declaration, the container is taken to the inspection place by the authority. Post-inspection clearance, the cargo is taken to exit the Jebel Ali Free Zone by offering a replica of the EIR to the safety workforce at the Free Zone gates.

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What is the best route for cargo shipping from USA to Dubai?

The time concerned with shipping from USA to Dubai cost cargo is structured upon a range of factors. If the vessel is journeying at 22 knots, it will take about 17 days to cowl the shortest route between Miami and Dubai without stopping or delaying along the way. Bulk vessels and tankers generally travel at speeds less than 22 knots. Hence, the most suitable time to ship cargo from the United States to Dubai is four weeks. Few additional factors need to be considered in this time range while USA to Dubai shipping. Including the time taken by the vessel alongside the way, which will decide how long the time takes to complete the journey.

If you’re shipping from USA to Dubai, you should carefully consider freight shipping rates:

Cost is not the main factor in most businesses, but setting a logistical budget is essential. If your supply chain requires a quick delivery or you have a significant logistical budget, air freight is probably the best option for you.

  • Ocean freight services to the UAE: Ocean freight shipping cost varies according to the type of services along with the accountable weight of the shipment and the mode of transportation. Shipping cost to Dubai from USA tends to be higher than usual while selecting the nearest or the fastest transport route.
  • Airfreight shipping to Dubai from USA cost: Compared to ocean freight, air freight services are more accessible and feasible for custom clearance.  Must opt for express cargo shipping when the shipment is expected early to the destination.
  • Additional UAE shipping services: Cargo freight services are better for oversized items like boats, trucks, or other heavy equipment. Since the shipment is made by waterway, the cargo shipping rates are less than air freight.

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