5 tips to optimize your Air Freight shipments

5 Tips To Optimize Your Air Freight shipments

Airfreight forwarding is the quickest way to deliver your items to their destination. International air freight charges, on the other hand, are exorbitant. As a result, enterprises must optimize their air freight shipments or risk incurring additional logistical expenses. It’s one thing to ship domestically, but it’s quite another to ship internationally. These six-pointers can assist you in getting started with international air freight.

  • Be cautious when it comes to packaging.
    Because your air freight cargo is going on a long, gruelling voyage overseas, it’s critical to spend some time and money making sure it’s correctly wrapped. Keep in mind that it will be handled several times by multiple hands during the transloading/cross-docking stages.
  • Check the Service Levels 
    The fact is that the size and weight of your goods may vary. It’s also possible that the needed transit time will differ. You must choose the best air freight shipping options for each of your requirements. It will require some time, but it would then be worthwhile because find the appropriate solution might aid you save on the air freight cost in the long run.
  • Choosing a Customs Broker
    Getting customs brokerage services from a reputable freight forwarder like Faster freight is usually a smart option. There will be fewer hand-offs as a result, perhaps saving time. You can prevent supply chain disruptions, which might lead to increased air freight shipping costs in the future.
  • Efficient Use of Pallet.
    You must optimize the packing of your goods to maximize the pallet space used. The importance of space is equal to that of weight. As a result, you must check that the cargo has been properly packaged. This lowers the air freight charges you’ll have to pay for your goods.
  • Consider the Dimensions.
    Another advantage of air freight versus ocean freight is the ability to reach landlocked locations that are remote from ports. However, keep in mind that some airports may not be able to accept wide-body planes. As a result, your shipment’s size may be limited.
    If you have a large package, check with your agent to see what the maximum size that may be accommodated is. You’ll get all the information you need on air freight rates and a plethora of shipping options to plan—and pack—as needed.

Why Choose Air Freight?

The most well-known advantage of air freight is that it saves time! International air freight quote depends upon such factors. Some of the other significant reasons why air freight might be beneficial to you are listed below.

  • Prompt Shipping

    We are all familiar with the term “prompt shipping.” When a shipper needs his products transported promptly, air freight is the best option. When the distance between the origin and destination is great and the amount of time available is limited, this is one of the quickest solutions available.

  • Reliable Shipping time

    When it comes to timely delivery of products, air freight is at the top of the list, regardless of the destination. Except in emergency situations or changes in government plans, like as during the Covid-19 epidemic, air carriers seldom modify their schedules at the last minute; nonetheless, one may rely on the delivery timeframes given by the airline or the freight forwarder.

  • Better Cargo Security

    Because there are fewer handling points for items in air freight than in sea or road freight, the danger of loss, theft, or damage to the cargo is decreased. Air freight is also a more secure freight delivery option because airports have strong safety rules and faster clearance processes.

Working with us can help you greatly in reducing the international air freight charges. At Faster Freight, we leverage our strong network and considerable experience for providing superior services for air freight logistics. Have more questions on air freight costs per kg? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts. They’d be happy to help you understand the shipping method that’s right for your business.

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