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Shipping From USA to Dubai With Minimal Spending
There is enormous freight transportation taking place between the USA and Dubai everyday. The number keeps increasing in terms of international cargo shipping between these two international locations. Many companies are providing freight forwarding services to pace up with the increasing demand. FasterFreight, a professional cargo shipping company, helps you
A Detailed Guide to Ship from China to the US
China has consistently been the world’s factory. Despite a growing trend in the United States toward shorter supply chains and increased domestic manufacturing, trade opportunities between the East and West giants are unlikely to decline very soon. Importers who make products in China for sale in the United States can
Understanding The Process and Factors Affecting Ocean Freight Rates in 2021
Importers and exporters commonly employ ocean freight as a means of transportation to transport bulky goods. In reality, ocean freight and sea freight account for 90% of all shipments. The other modes of international freight transport (courier, standard air freight, and express air freight) are all faster, but they are
What Exactly is Residential Freight Delivery?
The carrier transports freight directly to a residence or business via Residential Freight Delivery. Unlike regular LTL shipments, which are carried to locations with loading docks, these shipments are delivered curbside or straight to the doorstep of customers’ homes or businesses. Not all enterprises are located in commercial zones, and
Global Supply Chain Crunch and Logistical Blockages
Global shortages are indeed creating a snowballing effect on everything. While the global economy begins to recuperate from the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects, the worldwide scarcity of supplies continues to worsen, affecting the country and a multitude of industries. The panic buying is giving leading to an increase in shortage of
Some Obvious but Win-win Benefits of Air Freight Shipping
Since its inception in 1910, air cargo has had a massive impact on the world today. Air freight shipping is bridging the gap between continents by allowing the exchange of goods that would otherwise be inaccessible. Air cargo accounts for 35% of global trade in terms of value, with cargo
Less than truckload V/s Full truckload Shipping
Freight can be identified as any shipment weighing more than 150 lbs. Freight shipping is the movement of goods, commodities, and cargo in bulk by ship, air, truck, or intermodal through train and road. Truckload freight shipping consignments can be transported domestically or internationally by land, air, or sea. The
Most businesses, especially in the manufacturing sector, require some sort of import and/or export of cargo at some point in time. This can be in the form of importing the raw material or exporting the finished products. In both cases, it is extremely important that your cargo doesn’t get damaged,
Multimodal and Intermodal Shipping: Differences and Advantages
Multimodal and intermodal shipping are the two terms that are used extensively in the logistics industry. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a new kid on the block, you need to understand each term and their differences if your business requires any type of import or export. So, let’s
5 Tips To Avoid Freight Damage
Freight transportation is a tricky business. It requires a huge amount of effort from a freight forwarder in bringing coordination among shippers and several transportation services involving road, rail, ocean, and air. Transporting each consignment without any delay and damages is the first priority of a freight forwarder; a lack of
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