Here are some obvious but win-win benefits of air freight shipping

Some Obvious but Win-win Benefits of Air Freight Shipping

Since its inception in 1910, air cargo has had a massive impact on the world today. Air freight shipping is bridging the gap between continents by allowing the exchange of goods that would otherwise be inaccessible.
Air cargo accounts for 35% of global trade in terms of value, with cargo airline revenue totaling around 50.7 billion US dollars. There are 3,200 airports around the world with 60,000 trade lanes, and the aviation industry employs a staggering 68 million people.

Mail, heavyweight and outsize, HazMat (hazardous materials), live animals, perishable (temperature sensitive) products like chemicals, food, and ornamental plants, aid and humanitarian, and military are the major categories of air cargo. Air freight services are crucial for making informed logistical decisions since they help you understand the air transportation industry and its significant impact on the world.

Let us look at some of the major benefits of air freight shipping;

1. The fastest mode of transportation is by Air.

Transport your goods the most convenient & quickest way with air freight shipping. In comparison with ocean, road, or rail freight, air freight is without a doubt the fastest mode of transit. Air freight is exceptionally beneficial for moving products over great distances due to its velocity. Cargo planes often travel at speeds of around 900 kilometres per hour and only takes a few hours to ship your items from one continent to another by air.

2. Air freight shipments are undoubtedly reliable

Is receiving your goods in time your top priority? Air freight shipments are highly reliable as airlines tend to be on top of their schedules with dependable arrival and departure times. Even a missed flight wouldn’t cause much delay as most air freight services run on daily schedules, often with hourly departures.

3. Goods can be shipped to far-flung corners of the world.

Are you puzzled about shipping your cargo to a remote area? Sea, road, and rail freight routes typically require big transportation networks, leaving smaller countries behind. Many airlines, on the other hand, have a vast network of destinations that span nearly across the whole globe. This means that you may ship your goods absolutely anywhere via air freight.

4. Air cargo shipping ensures safety & protection

Since air freight is frequently used for high-value deliveries, security is crucial. As a result, air freight is one of the safest options for transport. Cargo safety rules are strictly enforced at the airport, and most items are cleared in a matter of a few hours. This lowers the chances of damage and theft.

5. Packaging, warehousing, and insurance costs can be curtailed.

Air Cargo Rates are reasonable. When compared to other shipping options, air shipments typically require less heavy packing. In addition, air freight’s faster travel times lessen the need for local warehousing, and insurance rates are reduced. This means you’ll save money on additional packaging and warehousing services, as well as insurance.

6. Air freight shipments can be tracked & located easily.

It’s simple to keep track of your air freight shipments because there’s always a flight number and information about when the plane takes off and lands. Every air freight forwarder will ensure that you are able to track and monitor your products at any time. This means you can track the progress of your cargo from departure to arrival and keep informed at all times.

To sum it up,
After carefully evaluating the advantages of air freight, it goes without saying that you should choose your mode of transportation sensibly based on the type of products you need to ship, the destinations to and from, and your priorities.

Air cargo logistics is definitely your best option if you have high-value, low-volume commodities that need to be shipped promptly to a distant location.

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